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Rev. Ladd to Move His Business and Renovate one of Wauseon's Historic Downtown Buildings


After 18 years in his building on the north side of Fulton Street, Rev. Ladd is moving to a new location on South Fulton Street.. The large, three-story building located on the corner of South Fulton and Birch Street has seen many uses. Looking up to the third floor roof line, the insignia of the Wauson Masonic Lodge is still visible. For many years, the building was the home of Western Auto, a local hardware store. The building more recetly was the home of the Whistle Stop and Amelia's Mexican Foods.


Rev. Ladd is renovating the building, and he will conitnue to operate the "Off Broadway & The Magic Corner" business at the new location. The front of the first floor opening onto Fulton Street will contain the magic store. Behind the store, a puppet theater will host productions. Rev Ladd's office will be located behind the theater and in front of a magic museum.



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