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Relay For Life

"No matter who you are, there's a place for you at a Relay For Life event. Each dollar you raise will help save lives. How far will you go to make a difference in the fight against cancer?" This is how the American Cancer Society National Relay For Life site greets those who visit their web page. The American Cancer Society Relay For Life event welcomes everyone's story. People have been affected by cancer in many ways. The Relay event empowers local action, a local response that invites the community to make a difference and to contribute to the fight against the disease.


Our community gathers at the Fulton County Fairgrounds to support this annual event. Survivors remember  their family members, friends and neighbors, those who have already lost a battle with cancer.  A circular walk of luminaries defines a path to memorialize those who have lost the battle with cancer. At the Fulton County Relay For Life event, all participants in some way contribute to the ongoing cancer research.

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