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The Wauseon Downtown Association Selects A New Logo

The Wauseon Downtown Association is delighted to announce our new logo!  The inital logo, a design by Steve Upperco, featured a drawing of the most visible and identifiable structure in the historic downtown, the Fulton County Courthouse tower.


The new logo, designed by Toni L. Britton-Harmon, retains the tower in a unifying circle featuring the name of the city of Wauseon above all. 


The choice of the tower as the central aspect of the design was a purposeful selection. The beautiful structure can be seen from all directions and dominates Fulton Street as a symbol of local history, not only for the city but also for the county. The tower of the  Fulton County Courhouse is easily recognizable and is one of the most beauttiful architectural structures in the region.


As the goal of the Wauseon Downtown Association is to promote the historic downtown of the city, the tower appears as a reminder of the heritage of the Wauseon community and county working together. The impressive tower is a suggestive symbol of high reaching goals and a strong local economy building for a bright future.


Congratulations to Toni for capturing the spirit of the community in this ourstanding logo!




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