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 The Wauseon Chhistmas Star

In our beautiful Downtown Wauseon, a giant, lighted star shines throughout the village each Christmas, as it has done every December since 1939. Generation after generation, the Wauseon Star has served as the focal point of the town's Christmas festivities and never ceases to bring cheer to the hearts of both young and old.

According to a publication by the Fulton County Historical Society, the Wauseon Christmas Star was built in 1939 by members of the Toledo Edison Doherty Club. At that time, it was mounted on the Toledo Edison Building on Depot Street and later moved to the Edison Building on Fulton Street.

Local history tells that the Wauseon Christmas Star outshined all the other Christmas decorations in town and so it was moved to its present location at the south end of Fulton Street near South Park.

It was said that the railroad trains, which ordinarily sped through town, would slow down when schedules permitted so that passengers could get a peek at the famous Wauseon Star. Because the star attracted so much attention, it became the envy of neighboring communities, who felt that Toledo Edison ought to erect similar decorations in their towns.

However, in 1941, the Edison company announced that it would no longer cover the cost of annually erecting and dismantling the star. Wauseon City Council came to the rescue and acquired the star and, despite budget cuts and economic downturns, the Wauseon Christmas Star has made its magical reappearance each holiday season ever since.

The 30-foot Wauseon Christmas Star, which celebrates its 75th birthday in 2014, has 226 light bulbs ranging in intensity from 15 to 200 watts and features a 10-foot open Bible reading "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men".

Written in 2002, the song "Christmas Star" is a musical tribute to the Wauseon Christmas Star and a town unique in its steadfast traditions and sincere appreciation for the simplest joys of Christmas time. Performed by vocalist Kristina Austin Scarcelli, the song is very much a family effort with lyrics written by Kristina and her mother E. Fay Dyer-Austin, music composed by Kristina's husband Jason Scarcelli, and many of the instruments and background vocals performed by the Arcega family. The song was also produced by the Arcegas in their Expressions of Grace recording studio and was inspired by the poem "Christmas in a Small Town", also written by Kristina's mother.

Words by Kristina Austin Scarcelli and E. Fay Dyer-Austin. Music by Jason Scarcelli. Copyright 2002 Erudite Music BMI, Blind Dog Bass Music BMI, and Rhymester, Ink.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Expressions of Grace Studio, Dearborn, Michigan. Arranged, produced, and engineered by Jason Arcega.

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