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Wauseon Bicycle Club / Wauseon Walkers

The Wauseon Bicycle Club, (WBC), sponsored by the Wauseon Congregational United Church of Christ, is new to Wauseon. Fred Fox, one of the most beloved former ministers of the church was well known for visiting friends around our town via bicycle. As our bicycle trails are growing, and there are so many more folks who are spending time on their bicycles, church members have embraced our church’s bicycling tradition by sponsoring the WBC!


The purpose of the new club will be to promote recreation, health and mobility through cycling and cycling-related activities. What is the best part of being a member in the Wauseon Bicycling Club? Sharing our joys for the ride! We are a new group of people who simply enjoy bicycling and embrace the company of other riders. Our members encourage families and friends to experience the joy of riding on a bike and moving about our community while viewing the changing seasons! But let’s not kid ourselves – we just love the feeling we get every time we hop on our bike and pedal – pedal – pedal. The exhilarating sense of freedom!


Benefits of the Wauseon Bicycle Club include: A chance to meet lots of new people and enjoy the outdoors!

ŸThe opportunity to improve your cycling skills through riding with others! Bicycle maintenance /repair tips!  Supporting our local bicycle shops! Promoting Bicycle Safety on the road and Bicycle Paths! Club Social Activities like “Watermelon on Wheels Weekend”! Last but not least, bike riding is good for your health and for the environment. It is a “clean” sport.


The Wauseon Walkers Club, (WWC), is also sponsored by the Wauseon Congregational Church. Organized in the summer of 2013, the club is open to all members of the Wauseon community. The club goal is to provide a central and celebrated focus for walking in our town, a healthy investment for friends and neighbors in our area.


The club will help to organize walking groups and walking paths for our members and friends in the local community. A blog will be sponsored for club members.  The blog will facilitate daily communication between members, sharing about the joy of walking, the friends encountered on walks, as well as the memories created and remembered where paths cross. The Wauseon Walkers Club plans to organize prizes for members who are willing to participate in setting goals, by logging in the mileage for walks each week.  Prizes will be awarded according to pre-determined goals and reported progress.


The sidewalks of Wauseon and the park trails are inviting and safe locations to exercise and enjoy the local scenery and good company. Please feel free to connect the Wauseon Walkers at our Facebook page, “Wauseon Walkers" or visit our website. 


Please register your contact information for both the Wauseon Bicycle Club and the Wauseon Walkers at the Wauseon Farmer’s Market Booth, and you will begin to receive information about our club and opportunities to participate.


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